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Wesley Snipes released from prison early

There’s probably a joke or reference/line from Demolition Man in there somewhere about Snipes being released prematurely into an overtly PC world.  He was supposed to be released on July 19th, with parole to follow.  Now, he’s been released with parole to last until July 19th.  Word is that The Expendables 3 will begin production and even start shooting as early as August this year.  Which makes sense, the last two movies began shooting in August too.  Now, the obvious – Snipes must be cast in Expendables 3.  He’s one of the last ‘big’ 80’s/90’s action men who really did hit the big time, as opposed to some pissant VHS B-Movie guy.  Even better, he doesn’t look 140 years old either.  You’d think that 4 months of time back on his own property would give him ample time to get into shape.  That is assuming both sides want him to appear.  Can’t think why not, it’s exactly what both need.  Snipes should play the villain, Simon Phoenix style.  Lerner, don’t fuck this up, prick.