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Another Fake Expendables 3 Poster Goes Viral

Updated:  Yep, fake.  It’s a picture of a T-Shirt laying on a table, uploaded to the fake Stallone account described below.

Another poster has appeared on the internet for The Expendables 3.  I’m not sure how anyone could not immediately spot that this crap is fake, but it seems to have gone all over the place without anyone questioning its authenticity.  Where’s it from?  Some random guy on Facebook who set himself up a fake Sylvester Stallone Facebook account.  Just for the record, Stallone is not on Facebook, just Twitter and the occasional contact with his Official Forums.  Even so, the fake Facebook account has garnered 1,100,000+ followers, which is what propelled this thing all over the internet.  The troll uploads personal Stallone family photos and whatnot in order to make it look like the real deal.  The person who made it used this fake Stallone account to ‘like’ his personal account where it was uploaded.  Incidentally, the fake Stallone Facebook account has since removed it.  The poster has been styled as a ‘cropped preview’.  Right…

This is the third fake poster I’ve dealt with for this movie this year.  See an earlier article from the summer about fake crap: Beware fake posters and rumors.  One of those other crude fakes, which looks like something cooked up in MS Paint, is on the Expendables 3 Wiki Page, styled as the ‘Official Teaser Poster’.  Uh huh.  Here’s the only real Expendables 3 preview poster released so far, from Cannes.  The text is basically the plot of the movie, by the way.