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Updated: Why Seagal Turned Down Expendables 3

A while back we reported on why Steven Seagal turned down a role in The Expendables 3;

What big production blockbuster could possibly have lured Seagal away from EX3? Answer: ‘A Good Man’ (2014).  DTV garbage. So just like every other Seagal DTV, then.  As in Seagal will walk around in a trench coat with Asian symbols on it, bend some wrists, say ‘fuck it’ and leave production early forcing the director to hire a double to film scenes with Seagal walking, and hire a voice impressionist to finish the dialogue Seagal didn’t bother to record.

It looked like this is what he turned down The Expendables 3 for, at the time, the schedule of both movies looked to overlap each other.  Turns out it’s worse than even that. Now we know that ‘A Good Man’ has only started shooting this week: so Seagal was likely doing nothing during the filming of The Expendables 3.  In fact if I remember correctly, he was making guest appearances at schools in the US.  So just like Jackie Chan not appearing in The Expendables 3, seemingly due to his ego getting in the way, it seems that Seagal too deemed himself to be just too much of a hot property.  Laughable.  It looks that way, anyway.  We know he has beef with Avi Lerner, but Sylvester Stallone more than reached out to accommodate Seagal earlier this year.  He must have turned Stallone down then and there, because there was no appearance of a Seagal character in the July draft of the script (there was for Jackie Chan).

Since we’re talking about ‘A Good Man’ (not to be confused with ‘A Good Laugh’), here’s the first ‘set photo’, from Romania.  Considering the premise of this movie and Seagal’s recent resume, you’d have to say that it surely doesn’t get much uglier than this.