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Dredd Getting Seven Part Mini Series


We’ve all been holding out for a sequel to Karl Urban’s “Dredd”.  Earlier in the year, the make a ‘Dredd’ sequel campaign even passed 100,000 signatories.  They revealed.

WE DID IT! Less than a year after we began this campaign the official petition for a DREDD sequel has reached 100,000 signatures!
Thank you to everyone who has shouted about this, encouraged their friends to sign up, posted about it online, organised events, and attended conventions dressed in Judge costumes, plus all those who continue to agitate for a sequel to our favourite film!

Now though it seems that a sequel is possibly not on the way, but instead a mini series will come instead.  The series will span seven episodes and see a release next month.  Producer Adi Shankar has been working on it for almost two years.  Accrding to The Wrap:

Since Shankar’s unofficial “Dredd” project was done off-the-grid, it’s technically a part of his popular Bootleg Universe, which includes the short “Punisher: Dirty Laundry” starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman, as well as “Venom: Truth in Journalism,” which starred Ryan Kwanten as Spider-Man villain Eddie Brock.
Although this may not sound good for the prospects of a sequel, they may be treating it as a test run.  So let’s hope this series performs well, assuming it’s actually good that is…

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