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Trailer: The Mercenary: Absolution


Here is the trailer for upcoming Steven Seagal actioner, The Mercenary: Absolution, if anyone is interested, maybe out of morbid curiousity, or maybe those looking for a good laugh.

Synopsis: This one is about a team of hit men who go to Russia for a hit and end up trapped in the city due to inclement weather. As they wait out the approaching storm Steven’s character stumbles upon a girl being attacked. He saves her life but in the processes has a realization that he has been fighting for the wrong things in his life – and vows to help get her out of the city. Of course – this being a Seagal movie – there turns out to be people standing in his way. Lots of bad, bad people…

Seagal is still making so many movies that to be honest, even for this site, it’s hard to keep up.  I think the only thing that is clear now is that he doesn’t give a shit anymore.  Oh well, here’s the trailer…

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