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Female Ghostbusters Has Most Hated Trailer Ever

Well, when Sony Entertainment big wig Tom Rothman told upset Ghostbusters fans to go fuck themselves (excellent decorum there, Tom, for a major exec promoting a family movie, good job), it looks like there’ll be quite a few of ’em.

Half a million it seems.

That is the number of dislikes this cynical piece of propaganda has accrued in a relatively short period.  But also consider that many will have watched it on some device and not have been signed in, or have an account.  And you can bet they disliked it in spirit.  But seriously, by my count this is the most hated trailer to have ever appeared on YouTube.  The only other videos that are proving less popular are horrific teen pop music videos.  The next worst appears to be a song by Rebecca Black, with 700,000+ dislikes.  But consider that this was over a period of six years, so the Ghostbusters hate is much worse, being mere weeks old.

505,000 dislikes… I mean fucking yikes!