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Report: Chinese Recruit McTiernan For Huge WW2 Movie


Things continue to move east as far as big movies go and showing talented, blacklisted, western auteurs the respect they deserve.  We know that Mel Gibson is being courted to involve himself in a large WW2 movie funded by the Chinese titled The Bombing (see here) and now, is John McTiernan the latest?

According to ChinaFilmInsider John McTiernan is being sought to direct a movie set after the famous Doolittle Raid in 1942.  The scope of the movie is said to be ‘ambitious’, with a very large budget.

Andre Morgan will produce the movie and presented the script to John McTiernan titled Doolittle: Year of the Horse.  A second script was shown to him titled Flying Tigers.

The Doolittle Raid was the retaliatory strike by the United States against Japan in World War 2 after Pearl Harbor, you might recall this from Michael Bay’s movie of the same name, where Alec Baldwin led the bombing raid in that movie.

Shooting is slated to start next year.