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Top Five: Manliest Movies Of 2014

4) Generation War


If you’re like me and have always wanted a German ‘Band of Brothers’, then this is probably the closest you’re ever going to get to it.  Of course, if you’re going to cover German operations in WW2 for your big show, then there’d be no point in going the tired old route of the Western Front, which was more or less an annoyance to the German forces.  There, only 15 divisions served from 1944 onwards, many of them tired old men and scared young boys.  By contrast 400 divisions faced off on the Eastern Front, where 88% of all German casualties occurred amidst probably the closest to hell on earth humanity has witnessed.

Aside from one problem of romantic subplot/s, this series more or less does it justice.  It’s a big budget 270 minute feature and, probably best of all, the battle scenes are fuckin’ stupendous!  That means no shaking cameras or brain-melting editing.  Like the old days, like Saving Private Ryan but without even Spielberg’s shaking. Better than Stalingrad (’93) and miles ahead of the ridiculously overrated and chokingly flatulent Come and See (’85).

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