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Top Five: Manliest Movies Of 2014

5) The Salvation


The first of two European productions on this list is this old school, nasty mean western.  This revenge ’em up is an efficient movie, with no gassy or pointless dialogue.  But its main selling point is its coldness, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain in particular being one of the most convincing western villains I’ve seen in a while.  Men, women and children and even the elderly and not safe in this movie, largely down to the leading killer, played flatly yet effectively by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Even Eric fucking Cantona is one of Morgan’s henchmen.  Eric ‘kung fu’ Cantona!  Eva Green brings her hotness too, but doesn’t bring down the tone with silly woman nagging – her tongue has been cut out (we must make comprises somewhere).  It’s a pity this movie flew under the radar, so if you missed it, there is no better time to check it out. 

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