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Top Five: Manliest Movies Of 2014

1) John Wick


The plot is tried and tested manly movie subject matter.  A man sets out to seek revenge against gangsters who slayed his dog and stole his wheels.  That’s just two things you don’t do, man.  You don’t touch a man’s dog and you don’t touch a man’s wheels.  Anyone who does deserves all they get.  Reeves then digs a set of guns out of his basement and goes on the most satisfying shooting rampage I’ve seen in a long time.  Pissants get struck down upon with great vengeance and furious anger, simply because they refuse to give up the scumbag who beat Reeves’ pup to death with a baseball bat.

John Wick is a devastating kidney shot to the scourge of shaking-cam hyper-edit syndrome.  This movie has become highly popular because of its action, which is brilliantly filmed.  The camera and cut will remain on Reeves until he has completed whichever move, kill or act of violence it is.  Utterly satisfying yet natural choreography can be savored in the moment, instead of figuring it out in seconds later in your bewildered head, like some Bourne movie.

I’ll say goddamned yes to a sequel or even trilogy.



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