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Top Five: 80’s Action Trailers

4) Red Dawn (1985) Theatrical Trailer

Since this article is about 1980’s trailer, it’s no surprise that something from John ‘The Master’ Milius appears on here.  You could probably argue that Conan The Barbarian is the better movie, but if you ask me this is the more effective trailer.  Being the age of 1 at the time, it’s safe to say I couldn’t fully appreciate this.  But good as it looks now, it must have been even manlier during the still chilly Cold War, during which the Red Army had the largest standing army in history and was a genuine threat.  Even back then, liberal pissants critisized John’s movie.  Too right wing they said.  WTF, it wasn’t Milius threatening the USA, so what was wrong with pointing out political reality?  The remake was a pile of shit.  One of the first reviews I wrote was for that movie, I enjoyed tearing it apart as much as I hated watching it.

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