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Top Five: 80’s Action Trailers

5) The Evil That Men Do (1984) TV Spot

There may have been flashier trailers for features that were indeed better movies, but this one inches its way into the top five due to the sheer bald-faced manliness of its presentation.  Here is a trailer so direct and politically questionable that it would have today’s college boy leftists fleeing in bewildered disgust.  In The Evil That Men Do, Bronson is a vigilante (was he ever anything else?!) on the trail of a heinous gang of mercenaries who torture innocents.  When the system of justice doesn’t work, Bronson takes to blasting pissants in diners with shotguns and hanging men in broad daylight in front of petrified onlookers.  It’s not the best Bronson movie or even the best Bronson vigilante movie, but it’s probably his best trailer.

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