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Top Five: Heist Movies

5) The Bank Job (2008)

Statham was the one-man army for old-school action for most of the 2000s. He held the flag up and kept that violent sub-genre on life support. He did take a break though a few times and go back to his acting roots (He did spawn from Snatch, Lock Stock) with The Bank Job. It does exactly what it says on the can. The best heist movies show how the pros do it, the ins and outs, and so The Bank Job does. It doesn’t want to be a flashy ‘Oceans’ thriller either, it moves right back to 1970’s London. And that’s kinda refreshing, no hacking lazers or duplicating digital security cameras. What’s more, it’s a funny film. It reminds us Statham has a sense of humour. Sometimes straight forward works better. The Bank Job is gritty without being dull and funny without being a farce.

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