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Top Five: Man Vs. Wilderness Movies

2) The Grey (2011)


Having reinvented himself as an action man in the ’00s, Liam Neeson’s streak of such manly movies haven’t all been good.  No doubt, some of ’em have been weak as piss.  But The Grey is an exception if you ask me.  I don’t think I would’ve cast anyone (currently active, years ago maybe Gene Hackman) in the leading role as alpha male here but Liam Neeson.

Kind of like of ‘Alive’, another honourable mention, but with wolves.  Each side having one challenge the alpha male, with manly man Frank Grillo challenging Neeson. Some people didn’t like the end, but to me it was fine and suitable.  The lesson is, if your ass is going down, always go down swinging.  I would’ve preferred real wolves, but you can’t win ’em all.  While The Grey was great, the stand off against the wolves reminded me on another movie which did it much better…

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