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Top Five: Man Vs. Wilderness Movies

1) The Edge (1997)


This has gotta be the manliest survival movie ever.  I mean come on, the lines are alpha as fuck.  “Shall we lay down and die Bob?  SHALL WE LAY DOWN AND DIE?!” Or, “What one man can do, another can do”.  But surely – “Today, I’m gonna kill the motherfucker!”

Screw The Silence of the Lambs, this is Anthony Hopkins’ finest hour.  His flight with Alec Baldwin and Harold Perrineau crashes in the North American wilderness, and Bart the Bear sees an opportunity for some prime fucking meat and stalks them to work up an appetite, possibly to raise their adrenaline and make the meat more tender – who knows!

Of course, man is the deadliest animal on earth, as the poor bear soon finds out.  A great picture of men being driven back to their ancestral wits of forming spears and keeping their cool to survive.  “We’re going to walk out”… another manly line.

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