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Five Reasons A Female Expendables Will Be Shit

1) Stupid Premise


So not long ago they were talking about filming a female Expendable spin off.  The idea is the subject of severe ridicule.  So let us begin.

From the start, the premise is stupid. When was the last time you heard about an all-female mercenaries outfit? The last time I’ve heard of such a thing would’ve been… never. Is the real Expendables franchise realistic? Not really. But it has one thing going for it: Most mercenaries are men. Rambo is hardly a realistic franchise, but it would be ridiculous to try and cast a female as Rambo. This is just a case of “Me too” despite not having any reason to.

Not even James Cameron could make this work, the master of creating believable female action heroes. Because even then, he was careful to have those appear as support roles, he knew what he was doing.  Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley – both trained by military characters played by Michael Biehn, with Linda Hamilton’s career resting on Schwarzenegger’s drawing power.

Are they recruiting Linda Hamilton for Terminator: Genisys?

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