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Top Five: Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

4) Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Another example where someone is bound to come in with sharpened pitchforks, if this isn’t number one.  Well, Arnold has a resume quite unlike most actors, so this has to go somewhere.

And is it the peak of Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Think about it, no movie he has appeared in since has been as good, although obviously movies that he made before it were.  It’s also his top grossing movie.  And I am happy to say I forced my Dad to buy the toys and rent the VHS over and over.

Someone needs to edit this movie and add the final future coda, this is not only Schwarzenegger’s last ‘great’ movie (although he had a ton of damned good movies that followed), it’s the last time The Terminator series had any dignity.

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