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Top Five: Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

3) The Terminator

For a long time I thought that Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the greatest movie ever made, although I now think that ‘Heat’ takes that accolade, personally.  But having grown up, I think The Terminator is the marginally better movie.  Has it aged well?  Aesthetically, maybe not so much.

But it’s meaner, leaner and harder.  And it’s essentially the same story as the second, told first.  And as we all know, stories are best digested the first time out.  I love The Terminator.  Here is he badass original with no kid harbouring Mom & Pop angst.  There’s no time for that!  You have the guy with ‘the face of a human bulldozer’ coming after you and he doesn’t give a fuck about complimenting cops on their bikes.  He kills them.  In their own fucking precinct!

And actually, I kind of dig its ‘aged’ retro charms now more than ever, the music, the clothes.  1980’s people were fucking awesome, don’t ever look down on them, they could teach today’s kids a thing or two.

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