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Top Five: Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

2) Commando

Commando is the only time I ever watched a movie until the VHS itself just didn’t work.  I watched that thing over and over and knew every line, my friends did too.  If you delivered a line, they’d instinctively know the appropriate follow up line.  Compare this to today’s movies, well, why even bother? Nowadays, school teachers would consider Commando’s dialogue subversive.

Commando is close to the perfect manly movie. With a crew that hunts slash and drives around in Cadillacs and wears chain mail vests, it’s a wonder Matrix ever left ‘The Unit’!  But what is manlier than feeding deer and chopping wood?  Chopping off a man’s arm, or scalp?  Yes, Commando, you are one of the greatest of all time.  It’s just a shame they didn’t use the name Val Verde in The Expendables, instead of the other name for the island they used.

For those who think Commando is not a serious movie then I’ll say it a little louder, get fucked!

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