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Top Five: Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

1) Predator

Seriously now.  What is ever going to come close to this?  Not just on the Schwarzenegger countdown, but manly movies overall?  Die Hard or Commando are probably the main competitors.  But to quote Agent Doyle in Con Air, this, this is fucking spectacular!

From John McTiernan’s amazing use of visual depth, to Stan Winston’s amazing redesign of that fearsome creature, this is the perfect movie.  And a no brainer for a list of top five Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.  Even the DVD commentary is brilliant, if there’s one thing you’ll put up with being interrupted with in Predator, it’s McT and blasé yet utterly gripping insight.

And of course, there is Arnold.  What kind of actor can properly convey alpha screen status over Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham and Bill Duke?  Why, the fucking Oak of course.  No sweat.  And that’s why they’re going to have a really hard time finding someone for the new movie.

Shit man, I want to go and watch this movie again, like right now.

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