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Ranking The RoboCop Movies From Worst To Best

5) RoboCop: Prime Directives (2000)


Back when this set of TV movies came out, I think most of us pretty much thought that the RoboCop goose was cooked.  We had three movies, a TV show, a cartoon, comics and a bunch of video games. And since the action genre was turning away from big 1980’s franchises, the fact that they came out with this was a surprise.

At first I was grateful, but this feeling didn’t last too long.

Prime Directives is, if I had to describe it in one word in hindsight, depressing.  I actually now consider even worse than RoboCop 3, simply because of the careless disregard for too much that we love about the series.  RoboCop 2 is ignored (don’t you just hate it when awful ‘updates’ ignore worthy sequels, as if they’re not good enough for them?) and Page Fletcher makes a downright terrible RoboCop.

Fletcher hadn’t even watched the first movie, let alone the sequels.  And refused to mimic Peter Weller’s extraordinarily dedicated mime work and movements.  When Fletcher spoke to his son with RoboCop, the son also towered over him, the cyborg appearing small and goofy.

Then there’s that whole RoboCable thing, just odd and weird.  The studio also refused to pony up for the rights to ED-209.  All in all, a lowly and forgettable blemish.

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