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Ranking The RoboCop Movies From Worst To Best

3) RoboCop: The Series


Now, this series suffered from the same problems of R3, but at least Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner returned, for the pilot at least.  So it’s not that this is the third best, rather the fourth worst.  We all know that only two good RoboCop movies exist.

In some ways this movie is truer to the original than RoboCop 3 and is supposedly set between the second and third movies, although I don’t really recall any nod to either.

When it finally came out on DVD, I bought it.  And was able to watch it again in its entirety without much trouble and truth be told there are some decent episodes.  However, with its ghost girlfriends and Murphy shooting down objects on top of criminals to incapacitate them, this is another affront to the original masterpiece.

Come on, there is no other way to describe it.

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