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Ranking The RoboCop Movies From Worst To Best

2) RoboCop 2


I still have fond memories of seeing this movie in the video rental store and becoming instantly excited, the VHS cover where RoboCop has smashed through a wall was simple but effective.  One of those old things that could only happen back in the days before the internet where the first you realise a movie even exists is when you see it on the shelf – what a way to discover such treasures. Can you believe there are people out there who think that this is a bad movie?

Based on over 30 reviews, ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ gives it rating around 30%.  It’s not much better on the IMDb.

It may not be as savvy and quick witted as the original, but Frank Miller was involved in the story and even though he was hated by the cast, Irvin Kirshner did a fine job directing.  A nice new blue suit too for the title character.  Damn, I like RoboCop 2 so much I think I’m going to go ahead and watch it again tonight.

Just a pity they ditched ED-209 and changed the soundtrack.

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