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Ranking The RoboCop Movies From Worst To Best

RoboCop (1987)


Paul Verhoeven’s seminal cyberpunk masterwork is quite untouchable and it is easily his finest hour as director.  This brilliant satire is the ‘Metropolis’ of its time, with layer upon layer of hidden gems and treasures.  The one liners, the violence… even the supporting cast have one-liners that strangers on the street probably know.

It’s also amazing, 30 years later, how little this movie has aged.  It’s actually downright astounding, especially with other movies of the era looking especially hokey in this day and age.  RoboCop in particular is a masterpiece of prop work and design, somehow looking futuristic even right now.  His body is mechanical, yet minimalist with a human touch.

And thinking about it also, the whole thing would probably have been a laughing stock if it weren’t for Peter Weller’s heavily rehearsed and choreographed movements.  We really don’t appreciate how easy it is for a man in a robot suit to end up looking very, very stupid.  But it all came together so well.

From here, we don’t need anymore RoboCop.  Unless.  Verhoeven wants to pull a Neill Blomkamp (RoboCop 2 follow up…).


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