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Ranking The RoboCop Movies From Worst To Best

6) RoboCop (2014)


Since RoboCop celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, there have actually been five other major outings for old ‘bucket boy’, which are going to be ranked here.

Starting with the most recent, which is such a putrid turd that you could certainly be forgiven for skewering me for even referencing it as a RoboCop movie.  The other movies have some semblance of replay value, to the short extent that even the worst of them sometimes tempt you back every few years or so to see if they really were as bad as you remember.

But this thing is something else.  One viewing was more than enough, I hate it passionately.  Who do we blame?  The director?  Probably not, the man cried for help and denounced the whole project as ‘hell’, before the proverbial studio gun was held up his back and he was told to smile and wave.  I agree entirely with PvtCaboose’s post mortem.

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