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Ranking The RoboCop Movies From Worst To Best

4) RoboCop 3


Well this is kind of where it hit the skids, wasn’t it?  Is this the most disappointing sequel ever?  Surely it’s up there. This is when corporate greed and political correctness first got a hold of one of these brilliant franchises.  RoboCop succumbed to that parody boardroom meeting in R2, where they insisted that he put his gun away.

In a way, people in my age group where the target audience at the time.  They seen a 1990’s version of ‘Iron Man’ with big ideas for the toy shelves.  And it’s true, I had a ton of those toys.  Two of my friends saved together to co-own the 18″ figure that spoke when you pressed a button.

The toys were cool but even as a kid I knew RoboCop 3 was shit.  The villain was poor, there was too much of the wrong type of comedy and Old Detroit simply wasn’t menacing.  The Old Man was gone too.  But at least ED-209 made his first real appearance since the first movie, with the old score returning too.

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