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TOP FIVE: Bruce Willis Movies

5) Pulp Fiction


We’ve spent a lot of time shitting on Bruce Willis here on the site as of late.  But, as of late, Bruce Willis gets as Bruce Willis earns.  But today let’s remember the old Bruce Willis, the one we grew up with and whose VHS movies were always quite close to the TV.

It’s hard picking a number five for me and while I think he has made a few better movies than Pulp Fiction, this is a site about alpha male badasses on film, and this is probably one of his manlier roles.  I don’t particularly rate Pulp Fiction, but I found Willis’ character to be more appealing than the two main gangsters played by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson.  You know, Jackson talked too much and Travolta, well, he danced too much.

But this boxer character suited the aloof Willis well and helped his career regain focus.

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